Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Davis Welcoming Arch Lives! (04)

I recently received a request from an historian of Northern California, Mike Lynch, for images of, and information on, the Davis Arch. He is preparing a publication on welcoming arches on Route 99, of which there appear to have been many, and wants to include the Davis Arch.

Davis history buffs will be interested to know that Mr. Lynch’s publications include California State Park Rangers (Arcadia, 2009) and Auburn Images: The Mel Locher Memorial Photo Collection (2004). He is a 35-year veteran of California State Parks as a field ranger, supervising ranger, and superintendent. The California Law Enforcement Historical Society named him Police Historian of the Year in 2006.

In exchanges with him on welcome arches, I learned there is a 1993 book by one Bernard Winn titled Arch Rivals: 90 Years of Welcome Arches in Small-Town America.  This book profiles on the order of 100 such arches across the U. S., featuring those in California.

There is almost a full page on the Davis Arch in Winn’s book. His text seems drawn entirely from Larkey’s account. I reproduce it here with the caveat that the content is roughly but not fully accurate. (For example, the Arch was taken down in February, 1924, not “sometime in 1920.”) JL