Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Yolo County Archives Needs Your Help (03)

Yolo County is required by law to retain certain records, which is why it has a unit called an “archives.” However, and like good packrats everywhere, many years ago interesting items not required by law also began to accumulate at the archives. Some were county records whose retention dates had expired. Others were items citizens donated and officials accepted.

Budget crunches arrived and the County chose to restrict funding to records required by law. A funding shortfall ensued and has continued for decades. Interested Yolo citizens created the Friends of the Yolo County Archives as a private organization dedicated to filling this gap.

The gap varies from year to year and has ranged from four to sixteen thousand dollars.

Each year, the Friends go begging for money. This is that time of year.

In this post, I reproduce a solicitation letter written by Friends president Ted Smith, a copy of the form one can fill out and send in, and the address on the envelope where one can send money.

I have done research at the Archives many times over the years and I think it has one of the three most important collections of Davis history materials--if not the most important collection. It is an extremely valuable resource that I support and I hope you will also. JL

UPDATE: After posting this note, I read of Virginia Isaacs' passing. As indicated on the letterhead above, she was a member of the Friends Board of Directors. Indeed, she was a Friends mainstay for a great many years--as well as a key participant in many other civic activities. She is herself very much a part of Davis history and will be missed. JL