Sunday, September 25, 2011

Collecting Davis History Artifacts: Some Vicissitudes (11)


One of my hobbies is collecting artifacts of Davis history.  I look for such items in several places, including “antique” paper shows and shops, estate sales, and E-bay auctions.

I have found that I am often the only person who cares to own such arcane items and prices are therefore low--mostly in the range of a few dollars or less.

Indeed, I reckon I am the only person who collects Davis-focused history artifacts in a sustained way, although I know three other people who have a more casual interest and there is the “yolo yo yo,” the wild card collector of Yolo artifacts who is also called “Mr. Yolo.”*

This does not mean, though, that such objects are always cheap. This is because an artifact can be classified in multiple ways and can thus also be an item of interest in some other world of collectors.

This is the case for postcards and other pictures of the Davis train depot. It seems that a lot of people collect pictures of train depots! And these folks are willing to pay real money for those pictures.

Image 1 shows an unusual postcard picture of the Davis depot recently put up on E-bay. Image 2 shows the nine bids elicited, ending in a high bid of $56.00. (I have seen other Davis depot pictures bid into the hundreds.)

I knew this item was bound to sell far above what I was willing to pay, so I did not even bid in this auction. And I also suspected that the zealot collector of Yolo County history artifacts would likely bid, which we see at the top of the list, where he is “y***o,” which is short-hand for his E-bay name, “Yolo Yo Yo.”

Fortunately, Yolo Yo Yo only desires one each of all Yolo County history artifacts and he already owns pretty much all there are, so we rarely have an active interest in buying the same item.

* Woodland Daily Democrat & Davis Enterprise profiles of Mr. Yolo can be found here: