Sunday, October 2, 2011

Davis Heritage Building Demolition/Survival Report Now On This Blog (12)

The booklet in which I report the year 2000 demolition/survival rates of 1945 Davis buildings  is now a slide-show appearing in the right side-bar of this blog.

This is a step forward in making it accessible. The booklet is out of print and previously stored online deep in the site. At that location, it is in an “assemble-your-own-booklet” form.*

All 20 pages are now separate and in sequence.

For purposes of speedier loading, the  slide-show resolution is reduced, which means less detail in the photos. But the version is still there & has higher resolution. The physical booklet is available in local libraries and at the Hattie Weber Museum. (The photos themselves are viewable--with scans available--at UCD’s Department of Special Collections.)

 When the slide-show is clicked on, one is taken to a site called Picasa, which is Google’s “let’s put up pictures” site for the public. I have set up the pictures so that anyone can view them as well as download them.

This is one of eight Davis history “albums/slide shows” I now have on Picasa. All are publicly viewable and downloadable. (Two of them are of all the images on this blog and the Old North Davis Chat blog.)

* Here: