Sunday, December 4, 2011

California Women Suffrage Centennial Exhibition at City Hall (28)

The display case near the City Manager’s office in City Hall currently has an exhibition titled “Celebrating California Women Winning the Vote.”

I call attention to this exhibition because it features events in Davis that were part of that campaign. It is thus “Davis History” and not simply history.

We read, for example, that Jeanette Rankin herself spoke in Davis “to an audience as large as was ever drawn by either one of the great parties . . . .”

 A sign in the lower-right of the display case says the exhibition was mounted by the League of Women Voters.

This League action suggests a more general practice.

Davis has a great many organizations of all kinds. Each of them has a distinctive history in Davis and approach to history featuring Davis.

Like the League, any and all of these other groups could organize interesting Davis history exhibitions featuring themselves and/or the particular history in which they are interested.

There are several venues in Davis where such exhibitions can be displayed. These include accessible display cases at City Hall, the public library, and the Davis Senior Center.

But most especially, I would think the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis might take the lead in soliciting and helping to organize exhibitions by Davis groups.
And, let me not neglect to mention the HW encouraging exhibitions by Davis individuals, especially those who taken prominent roles in Davis public life.