Sunday, December 11, 2011

Slideshow History of Davis Biking Is Now Online (30)

In 2007, Ted Buehler, a graduate student in UCD transportation studies, completed an M. A. thesis titled “Fifty Years of Bicycle Policy in Davis, CA.” (Image 1)

At 159 typescript pages, it is a quite fine description and analysis of the bicycle in Davis life over an extended period.

The exposition is made all the more interesting by Buehler taking advantage of the new ease of placing digital images on word processor pages. This practice is illustrated in image 2, which is page 35 of the thesis.

On other pages, rather than simply his account of a news story, for example, we get a reproduction of the actual news story.

Unfortunately, the thesis itself is apparently not now online, although there are two links to it that do not work. But, it is of course available in the UCD library* (and I have a pdf copy I will email to anyone who asks for it).

But, short of the online thesis, it is good now to see that the slideshow he assembled from the thesis is online. A grid-summary of it is here:

And the full presentation is here:


A sense of the several dozen visually dramatic slides he has worked up is provided, I hope, by images 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Mr. Buehler is himself an interesting figure. Some of his more recent activities are described here:


*A 15-page summary is sometimes here: