Sunday, April 1, 2012

“Round=up Day” Instead of Picnic Day in 1946 (49)

During WWII, the Farm was shut down and turned into a high security Signal Corps training school. Classes resumed in 1945, but the campus did not return to sufficient normality to organize a Picnic Day that year.  

Even by 1946, campus life was still not fully restored. Resources for a Picnic Day were lacking and a smaller-scale “Round-up Day” was organized as a token replacement.

I recently happened onto a copy of the program booklet printed for that event. It is only 12 pages long and printed two-sides on 3 folded letter-size sheets of paper. In six scans, I reproduce it here in its entirety.

1946 might be thought of as the last (or near-last) year of the Classic Aggie and small town Davis eras. In some ways it was still the 1930s, with ads by small local shops, 35 cent a plate barbecue on the Quad, and evening dance music by a “10-piece Orchestra . . . featuring a feminine vocalist.”

All this would soon, of course, be swept aside by much larger scale and sophisticated Picnic Day productions that were part of transforming The Farm into The University.