Sunday, May 20, 2012

Slatter's Court Remembered: History So Near Yet So Far (60)

A few weeks ago, the Sacramento Bee ran a “human interest” story titled in part “Sacramento sisters are 90 and Identical twins.” It was organized around the themes of “being twins” and the marvel of being 90-year-old twins.

Glancing through the story, I almost missed what was important about it from a Davis history point of view: The sisters in question are two of the five children of the Slatters who ran Davis’ Slatter’s Court.

Slatter’s Court! That place was apparently something almost straight out of a movie like “It Happened On Night.” As such, it belongs to an era that passed long ago. What we see at that location today is not remotely what it used to be.

But yet, here are two people still walking the streets of Sacramento who lived there with their parents--in their teen years--when Slatter’s Court was actually Slatter’s Court.

It is all rather too much for me--history so near yet history so far.

Seeking some way to grasp this distance that is both near and yet so far, I went to the Davis High School library and looked at the DHS yearbooks for 1940, ’39, and ’38. The experience is not “It happened One Night,” but it helps.

I snapped a few shots of photos featuring the Slatter sisters and I post them here.

The yearbook photos and the Bee story form, I hope, a jarring juxtaposition of intimately related objects that are nonetheless light years apart from one another.

I hope that a Davis history buff who perceives this jarring juxtaposition will be moved to do oral history interviews with the sisters. The era may be far, but the sisters are very near.

Class of '40, '40 Yearbook

Call of '40, '39 Yearbook

Class of '40, '38 Yearbook