Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thoughts on "The . . . Anti-Japanese Resolution of 1943," by Rich Rifkin, with a Response by John Lofland (83)

Preface: Rich’s thoughts are expressed in a complexly formatted email that has seemed best to publish intact as screenshots, of which there are three.

The Davis City Council Anti-Japanese Resolution of 1943 (82)

Preface: Posts numbers 82 and 83, published back-to-back today, deal with aspects of the 1943 Davis City Council Anti-Japanese Resolution.

This post, number 82, consists of my account. I asked Rich Rifkin to comment on it prior to publication. He did and his observations are published in post number 83, which follows this post. Post 83 also includes my response to his observations.

This post is in two parts.

Part One tells the story of the Davis City Council’s “Anti-Japanese” Resolution of 1943.

Part Two reports conflicting characterizations of Ben Madon’s role in that matter.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Variations in the Degree to Which Groups Celebrate Their Histories: Reflections Prompted by Co-op History Festivities (81)

Recent history-marking celebrations of co-ops by co-ops in Davis prompt me to recall that this is not the first time these groups have organized a major period of history celebration. Davis co-ops seem, indeed, especially active in (and adept at) history celebration.

Having noticed this possibility, I began then to wonder if groups in general might vary in the degree to which they “do history”--that is, regularly celebrate their pasts.  

1. With regard to Davis co-ops doing history, in 1997-98 considerable effort was put into creating a “Davis Cooperative Centennial.” There was a major exhibit at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis. The plaza in front of the Davis Food Co-op was outfitted with a symbolic reference to the Toad Lane co-op founding location and a “Cooperative Century” clock was installed. On the same day as the dedication of the 5th & G Federal building, which drew high-level federal officials, these

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A 1910s Postcard Album of State Farm Views (80)

In the 1910s, a San Francisco publisher named Edward H. Mitchell published staple-bound booklets of ten post card formatted “views” of various places.

One could tear out each perforated card and send it individually or, better yet, send the entire booklet to someone in the envelope in which the booklet came and that was configured for mailing.

As shown in the photo named “Album,” one of these booklets was an “Album of Views of the State Farm at Davis, California.”

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The University House/Hotel, 1915-71, by John Lofland with a Comment by Rich Rifkin (78)

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Below, Rich Rifkin comments on this post.

Many if not most innovations in Davis life have been the handiwork of brash newcomers rather than old-timers. Bowers Addition and Acres were, for example, the inspiration of recent arrival C. W. Bowers.

So, also, the landmark University House, formerly at Second and B Streets, was the creature of a Dr. Edwin Liebfreed. Unlike Bowers, though, Liebfreed did not even yet live in Davis the day in early 1915 when he was visiting here and he decided the town needed a three-story hotel.