Sunday, November 25, 2012

Erie Coincidence Department: Sutter Medical Foundation Benefactors and the Davis E-500s (87)

Over a period of years I have been in numerous parts of several Sutter Davis medical buildings.

In walking those halls, I noticed that Sutter puts up wall plaques honoring people who have made substantial donations to support a particular activity.

One day some time ago, I realized that four of the people named on those plaques had lived on the block where I reside. The plaques containing their names are shown here.

More eerily, all four had at one time lived in the same house on my block--although not all at the same time.

This house was (and is) 512 E Street.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

First "Farm" Teaching Effort: The Postponed 1907-08 Short Courses (86)

The UC Ag College circular of June, 1907 announced Wednesday, October 2, 1907 as the first day of instruction at the brand-new University Farm in Davisville, California.

Alas, according to Ann Scheuring in Abundant Harvest, because of construction delays the planned instructional program had to be "postponed for a year." (p. 27.)

October 2 was, specifically, the first day of the first of seven “short courses” planned for 1907-08. This course was called “Dairy School” and ran from October 2 to November 28.

This and the six other short courses are described in some detail in that June, 1907 circular, which is reproduced here in its entirety.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Boy Scout Cabin in 1930 (85)

Nearing Completion, May, 1928 (UCD Special Collections)

The Davis Boy Scout Cabin was built in May, 1928. In a September 19, 1930 story, the Davis Enterprise declared the structure as a “landmark.”

According that status to a building that was well less than two years old suggests a phenomenal response to a seemingly modest structure.

This and other aspects of the now fabled cabin are described in that 1930 Enterprise story, which is reproduced in this post.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Davisville in 1874 (84)

 Reading early issues of the Dixon Tribune at the Dixon Public Library I came onto a December 4, 1874 article titled “Davisville” that I reproduce in this post.

An unsigned profile of the town in that year, we do not know that everything reported in it is true. But we do know that aspects of Davisville we know about from other sources are described correctly. So, I think we can have reasonable confidence in the accuracy of assertions made here not documented in other sources.

Of particular note is the building of the “Solano Bill” Dresbach “mansion” still standing at the southeast corner of 2nd and E Streets. It’s year of construction has been uncertain, but this report places it in the winter of 1874-75.