Sunday, November 25, 2012

Erie Coincidence Department: Sutter Medical Foundation Benefactors and the Davis E-500s (87)

Over a period of years I have been in numerous parts of several Sutter Davis medical buildings.

In walking those halls, I noticed that Sutter puts up wall plaques honoring people who have made substantial donations to support a particular activity.

One day some time ago, I realized that four of the people named on those plaques had lived on the block where I reside. The plaques containing their names are shown here.

More eerily, all four had at one time lived in the same house on my block--although not all at the same time.

This house was (and is) 512 E Street.

Lilly and Leo Cronan lived there briefly in the late 1930s, when it was first built, and, in the early 1940s, moved up the block to the also newly built 539 E. They lived there some twenty years.

Kay and Wes Wooden moved into 512 E in the 1940s and lived there about a half a century.

These two couples were prominent Davis citizens in their times and noted for significant levels of civic engagement.

By further coincidence, a few years ago I worked up brief profiles of each of them as part of a wider project on the E-500s titled E-500s People.

I excerpt and post here portions of that booklet that describe each of them.*


* The booklet is online at:

Hardcopies are available at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis to anyone who makes a donation to the Museum.