Sunday, December 16, 2012

Researching Early Davis Buildings and People: Two Lists of Search Actions (91)

In the course of doing Davis history I have sometimes found it important to assemble the story of a particular older Davis building. A similar need has on occasion also arisen regarding the biography of an early Davis resident.

At first, I pretty much poked around in the dark with regard to both buildings and people. But over time I have developed routines of a sort for both tasks and these often achieve reasonable results.

When they have not, I have at least achieved “due diligence.”

Hoping that these “routines” might be of help to others seeking such information, some years ago I formulated my search actions as lists and posted them on Davis history websites.

The one on researching buildings has been and still is here:

As well as here:

The one on researching people has been and still is here:

For convenience, I also copy and paste each of them below in this post.