Sunday, January 6, 2013

One-time Owner of the Terminal/Aggie Hotel Dies (94)

The Enterprise recently published an obituary on Milton J. Eberle, Sr. Judging by the photograph and text, Mr. Eberle was most notably involved in aspects of the United States air forces.

Reading further, though, we find he also participated in a number of business activities, including ownership of the Terminal/Aggie Hotel. Apparently he, or members of his family, owned the building from the mid-‘60s to the later ‘70s.

A bit of information on that structure and its G Street setting is provided in the accompanying excerpt from p. 72 of Demolishing a Historic Hotel.

The Terminal/Aggie Hotel was a significant commercial/retail property in its time. Its relationship to this one-time owner prompts me to reflect that the owners of commercial properties in Davis have varied historically in two important ways.

One, a number of them have not lived in Davis or at least have had little involvement in Davis as an social entity.

Two, a number have owned and managed commercial properties as a sideline or even hobby rather than as a serious, full time occupational engagement.

If each of these two variables is thought of as having only two values we can speak of 1) local full-time owners, 2) local sideline owners, 3) out-of-town full time owners, and 4) out-of-town sideline owners.

I do not know in a systematic quantitative way how owners of Davis commercial property currently distribute across these four categories, or how this distribution may or may not have changed over the decades.

But, my impression is that Davis has had--both at present and historically--a surprising (to me at least) number of commercial property owners who were or are out-of-towners or for whom ownership was a sideline, secondary, or retirement career occupation. Do these variations make a difference in the character of the properties?

P. 72, Demolishing a Historical Hotel
c. 1977
c. 1979