Sunday, March 17, 2013

City’s Historical Resources Consultant Recommends Landmark Designation for the Howard/Abbot Home at 445 Russell Blvd. (109)

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Fourth in a series.

A few weeks ago, the owners of the property called 445 Russell applied to the City to demolish the garage behind the main building there. Because the main building and garage were constructed in 1923-4, city planners applied the City ordinance requiring that buildings constructed before 1945 proposed for demolition be evaluated for their significance as historical resources.

Continuing to follow the ordinance process, the planners then contracted with a historical resource consultant to conduct an impartial evaluation of historical significance. That consultant--Historical Resource Associates (Dana Supernowicz, principle author)--presented it's written evaluation to the City this last week.

The next step in this process is for the conclusions of the report to be evaluated by the Historical Resources Management Commission at a public hearing. That hearing will be held at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis on Monday, March 18th and will start at 7 p.m.

I received an electronic copy of the Historical Resources Associates report Friday morning, March 15 and members of the HRMC seem also to have received it at that time. Unfortunately and despite my urgings to planning officials later that same day, the City has not made the report available on the web for downloading.

So here is a private sector alternative way to obtain it:

I have also reproduced in this post what seem to me to be the eight key pages in the report’s 56 pages, those numbered 20 through 27. I present them without further comment save to say that I agree with the recommendation that the house at 445 Russell should be named the Howard/Abbott House and be designated a City of Davis Landmark Historical Resource.