Sunday, March 10, 2013

Timeline History of the Davis Senior Center on Display at That Center (105)

The good folks at the Davis Senior Center, 646 A Street, have a timeline display of that organization’s history mounted on the wall at the west end of the Center’s main hallway.

This post consists of “teaser” excerpts from that exhibit as a way to encourage readers to go around to the Center and view the real thing.

As I understand it, the exhibit is an aspect of thinking about the past, present and future of the Center and has been coordinated with conversations on this matter, one of which took place on March 9th.

The Senior Center history display brings to mind a post I made on October 21, 2012 concerning “variations in the degree to which groups celebrate their histories,” which can be found here:

Factors fostering history celebration include, I suggested, a reasonable level of group morale or esprit de corps. Many groups lack this and cannot mount credible history celebrations. I am happy to infer that the quite credible history display we see at the Senior Center suggests the presence of a robust group life. (I suggested, in addition, that group members who are paid staff also make a difference.)