Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gee-whiz! A New Grocery Store! (114)

Sometimes the emotional tone of a report is as striking as the content of what is reported.

Such at least has been my response to the January 3, 1961 Davis Enterprise report of a Safeway grocery store opening at G and 6th streets in Davis.

There is a certain “gee whiz” wonderment generated by such words and phrases as:

newest and most modern
very latest design
brightly lighted
full view
perfect condition,
complete selection
full line
all types
entire center
simplicity and comfort
very essence
most gratified
simple and orderly

One observation on all this might be that such qualities were still novel in 1961.

Today, we are jaded in the sense that we take these qualities for granted as features of new branches of corporate retailers.