Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Davis Mayor Presents Centennial Proclamation to Old North Davis (DHT 122 & ONDC 207)

Tuesday evening May 28th, Mayor Joe Krovoza presented a proclamation recognizing the Old North Davis Neighborhood Centennial to Old North Davis Neighborhood Association Vice-President Dennis Dingemans and President Steve Tracy.

I have uploaded a copy of the City-broadcast video of the ceremony to YouTube. Slightly more than 6 minutes long, it can be viewed here:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fluoridation One: Narrow Defeat in April 1960 (121)

1. January 14, 1960

This post is the first of four, one each on four episodes of public debate on fluoridating Davis water.  An overview of the four is given in post # 120, May 26, 2013.

On January 12, 1960 the Davis City Council scheduled fluoridation for a public vote on April 12 of that year.

Public opinion for and against ensued and, according to Enterprise reporting, a “hotly contested . . . nip-and-tuck” affair developed.

The result on election day was so close that a determination of the outcome had to await counting the absentee ballots in public the next week. In a two hour “count-down” before a “tense crowd” fluoridation lost 1076 for and 1108 against.

Four Floridation Decisions And Counting (120)

April, 1960

I recently received an inquiry regarding fluoridation debates published in the 1971 Enterprise. I recalled nothing about them and I began to read that year’s paper.

April, 1964
Long story short, in reading one report after another back in time it now seems there have been at least four significant episodes of public contest and decision-making over fluoridating Davis water.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Under-recognized Batches of Historic Resource Possibilities Outside the Original City (118)

In recent months, two owners of buildings outside the “original city” historical area of Davis have applied radically to alter or to demolish their structures. 

These applications have triggered City reviews for potential historical significance. This has happened because City ordinances require that any structure built in or before 1945 be so evaluated and each appears to pre-date 1945.

The idea of historical resources outside the “original city” surprised me a bit. But then I realized that was only because my “historic Davis” mindset was formed by those dozens of maps drawn between 1917 and 1945 that show “the city” to be basically bounded by A, First, Seventh and L.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yolo-Davis People in 1892: “The Past Is a Foreign Country: They Do Things Differently There” (117)

Not long ago I came across a book called The Quakes of ’92: The History and Geological Background of the Vacaville-Winters Earthquakes of 1892.

Although it is primarily about Yolo-area geological events and physical effects in 1892, the authors--Richard Cowen, Janice Cooper, and Richard Cooper--also offer some striking observations on the “mindset” of Yolo-Davis people at that time.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

More on Newly Recognized Davis “Major Shaper” John “Jake” Jacobson (116)

In post number 106 dated March 15, 2013, I profiled John “Jake” Jacobson as a “lost” early “major shaper” of Davis whose memory was seemingly eclipsed by World War II.

Having now started to focus on him, material previously ignored is being perceived. Thus, UCD University Archivist John Skarstad recently noticed that the 1921 edition of the UCD yearbook was dedicated to Jacobson.

That fact has been there all this time.  We are now more prepared to “see” it.

The dedication even features a photo, which we did not have before.