Sunday, May 26, 2013

Four Floridation Decisions And Counting (120)

April, 1960

I recently received an inquiry regarding fluoridation debates published in the 1971 Enterprise. I recalled nothing about them and I began to read that year’s paper.

April, 1964
Long story short, in reading one report after another back in time it now seems there have been at least four significant episodes of public contest and decision-making over fluoridating Davis water.

Taking the four as a unit of Davis history, the set provides, in my mind, a vivid display of the long-standing nip-and-tuck divide we have seen in the Davis electorate starting in the 1950s.

Each episode deserves its own post, which will be as follows:

Fluoridation One: Narrow Defeat in April 1960            (# 121 published today)
Floridation Two: Narrow Win in April 1964                   [# 124, June 9, 2013]
Floridation Three: Narrow Defeat in November 1964     [# 125, June 10, 2013]
Fluoridation Four: Shelved in August 1971                  [# 127, June 16, 2013]

There are four and not some larger number of these disputes because these are all I have found. If there are more, by all means let me know and I will put them on the list.

November, 1964
August, 1971
My request for information is serious and not merely pro forma. In a January 30, 1964 Enterprise letter, the pro-fluoride Davis Dental Health Council refers to “two past efforts to obtain fluoridation of Davis’s water supply.” I know of only one previous effort as of 1964 (in 1960), so at least one more episode might still be lurking in the mists.

(Recent activities are of course not yet “historical,” although they will become so and earn the number five, six, or higher.)