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Fluoridation Two: Narrow Win in April 1964 (124)

January 16
This post is the second of four, one each on four episodes of public debate on fluoridating Davis water. An overview of the four is given in post # 120, May 26, 2013.

Of the four episodes, this one in the winter and spring of 1964 was the most ordinarily political.

By “most ordinarily political” I mean that two named groups with a public leadership mounted campaigns in the forms of walking streets, organizing public debates, publishing advertisements, and the like.

At least as evidenced by Enterprise reporting, such features were much less visible or even present in the three other episodes.

Specifically, the Davis Dental Health Council faced off against the Davis Pure Water Committee. The names of the organized leadership of both were reported in Enterprise stories.

Then Mayor Norman Woodbury was also president of the Davis Dental Health Council and fabled Dr. Herbert Bauer participated in its leadership.

Despite the pro-fluoridation forces seeming to be more “establishment” than the anti-fluoridation side, the pro-side won the election by only 20 votes (1,483 to 1,463).

But, even this weak victory was short-lived. An initiative campaign organized by the Davis Pure Water Committee led to a November election that reversed this early 1964 vote.

This post features six Enterprise reports on this contest. Enjoy.

In post number 3 in this series, I will set both these 1964 fluoridation campaigns/elections in wider Davis-historical context.

February 13 - a
February 13 - b

February 27- a
February 27 - b

March 19

April 9 - a

April 9 - b
April 16 - a

April 16 - b
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