Friday, November 22, 2013

HRMC To Hold December 16th Meeting on Revising Its “Historic Davis Names” Lists Turned Down By the City Council (141)

On November 12th, the City Council unanimously declined to approve two HRMC “Historic Davis Names” lists submitted to it. In response, that body has scheduled a December 16th “discussion” meeting described in the press statement reproduced here.

HRMC Press Statement
Some background to this matter appears in the previous two posts on this bog, numbers 139 and 140. The two "historic names" lists in question are reproduced after the jump.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

City Council Asks For Wider Input on Staff Proposed “Historic Davis Names List” (140)

This post reports the outcome of the proposed action reported on in the DHT post just before this one (number 139, November 8). That proposal would have created an official “historic Davis names list.” Council deliberated this matter for a little more than four minutes and voted to have staff seek wider input. I have placed the video of this segment on YouTube and it can be seen here:

Friday, November 8, 2013

City Staff Asks Council to Create an Official “Historic Davis Names List” (139)

Tucked into Consent Calendar  item H and titled “Commission Minutes” on the Davis City
Council agenda for November 12th (shown to the right) is an action to endorse an HRMC created list of “historic Davis names” for use in naming Davis streets.

If Council approves this action, “staff would utilize the list, in consultation with the applicant, to develop street names” for new subdivisions, including the Cannery (if approved) (Staff report page 3, below).

This post consists of the agenda item H text, the Staff Report, and relevant portions of the HRMC minutes involving this matter. The proposed list (or lists) appear as pages 5 and 6, below.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celebrating the 34th Anniversary of the Opening of the Blue Mango (138)

The accompanying email from Ken Kemmerling reports on last week’s 34th anniversary
celebration of the opening of the Blue Mango on October 19, 1979.

      I had hoped to post his email and the two photos accompanying it closer to the anniversary event, but there was a communication mix-up. But no matter, with his permission, here is that celebration news now.

     The Blue Mango must surely rank as one of Davis’ signal, all-time institutions. It very much expressed the tenor of a key period in Davis history.