Sunday, January 12, 2014

Learning About Covell & Brinley Community Award Recipients (147)

 I was in the City Hall main hallway recently and once again noticed the Covell and Brinley Community Awards plaques mounted on the wall near the Russell Blvd. entrance toward the east end of the building.

Looking at the two lists of recipients, I realized that while I knew something about many of them, there were also many about whom I knew nothing.

The next obvious question was, of course, if one wanted to know what these folks did for Davis, how could one find out?

I then recalled that some time ago Judy Wydick wrote--but has not yet published--a book aimed at answering this question.

I asked her if it might be possible to place her draft online for interested people to consult.
She has very generously agreed to this. Profiles of virtually all the Covell and Brinely Award recipients can now be read and/or downloaded at this URL:

Her book is nearly finished, but she would greatly appreciate having anyone point out where something needs to be corrected or clarified.  Her email is jjwydick (If anyone wants to add information about a recipient, she will have to eliminate something written about that person so the allotted space remains about the same.) 

The table of contents and two example pages of her book are reproduced below (and after) the pictures of the plaques containing the names of all the recipients,