Thursday, March 27, 2014

Motion Pictures Showing the 1939, 1947 and 1953 UCD Picnic Days (149)

The wonderful folks over at UCD’s Special Collections Department have just put three early films of Picnic Day on the web. They can be viewed and/or downloaded here:

The first, filmed in 1939 and believed to be the “oldest known footage” of the campus, runs about 15 minutes. The second, about 10 minutes, shows the 1947 event and the third, of Picnic Day in 1953, runs some four minutes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Early 1920s Panoramic Photo of The Davis Skyline (148)

In the early 1920s, someone climbed to a tall southern point on the UC Farm and shot a high-resolution panoramic photograph looking northeast over the campus.

A print of that photograph resides in folder AR-013 of the UCD Department of Special Collections. A low-resolution scan of it introduces this post.*

The UC Farm is the obvious topic of the photo, but “The Farm” is not what this post is about.
Instead, when we look closely at the area above and behind the Farm buildings, we see a panorama of Davis. That sliver of a view is the focus of this post.