Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10th of 12 Transforming Davis Color Photos: Russell At S. Campus Way Circa ‘70 (165)

Tenth of twelve posts reporting recently discovered color photos of major Davis business locations taken in the “transforming” period of Davis history. The context of the photos is explained in DHT post number 155, “Twelve Color Photos of ‘50s-‘70s Transforming Davis: Series Introduction.”

1. Russell at S. Campus Way Circa '70
John Weber Brinely’s exceptional grasp of long-term change in Davis is seen in all six of these snapshot pairs, of course. But the sharpness of his cognition is particularly on display in this fifth pair.

Unlike the other five pairs, he is not documenting the disappearance and appearance of buildings--an activity not that surprising for someone in the real estate business.

2. Circa '60, Circa '70 & 2014
No, here he has the foresight to go out and stand by the edge of a forlorn county road and take a picture of it in the expectation that he could come back in several years and make a picture of a decidedly different scene.  

And he was right!

The contrast between snapshots nine and ten making up this fifth pair is remarkable. A county road has been reconstructed into a city boulevard, complete with planted medians and large overhead lights. Davis has begun to arrive.

3. Left Detail