Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2nd of 12 Transforming Davis Color Photos: G Street 200s Circa ‘70 (157)

This is the second of twelve posts reporting recently discovered color photos of major Davis business locations taken in the “transforming” period of Davis history. The context of the photos is explained in DHT post number 155, “Twelve Color Photos of ‘50s-‘70s Transforming Davis: Series Introduction.”

The centerpiece snapshot of this post--labeled “1”--is not a mere snapshot.
1. G St. 200s Looking East Circa '70
Instead, it is extraordinary because it is one of six snapshots of its kind to be presented in this series that was carefully created several years after a previous snapshot of the same Davis street scene.

In this instance, this number 1 is the follow up of the snapshot labeled 1 in the previous post.

This follow-up is of course an east-facing view of the G Street 200s block taken, I am guessing, about 1970.
2. '60s Views & Today

And we see a radical contrast between the view of circa 1960 and that of circa 1970.

Four buildings have been razed and a parking lot and small plaza put in their place.

The two buildings at the northeast corner of the block have been extensively remodeled and upgraded.

On the far right, we see in the shadows the “western” style porch overhang that has been fitted onto the front of the Terminal Hotel.

As chance would have it, from time to time over the years I have made digital copies of Davis Enterprise graphics pertaining to the east side of the G Street 200s in the 1960s period. I searched through these images and found six that strike me as providing useful context for the two color snapshots. They are presented here numbered 6 through 11.

3. Left Detail

4. Center Detail

5. Right Detail

6. 1963 Vision

7. Scene at Dedication, 1964

8. Enterprise, March 5, 1964
9. New Davis Lumber Building

10. Plaza Event