Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5th of 12 Transforming Davis Color Photos: Northwest Corner 2nd & E Circa ‘66 (160)

This is the fifth of twelve posts reporting recently discovered color photos of major Davis business locations taken in the “transforming” period of Davis history. The context of the photos is explained in DHT post number 155, “Twelve Color Photos of ‘50s-‘70s Transforming Davis: Series Introduction.”
1. 2nd & E Looking Northwest Circa 1966
Snapshots numbers 5 and 6 form a somewhat different kind of pair than the 10 shots forming the other five "time-lapse" pairs.

Rather than providing a block-long vista, this pair shows only one corner of one block.

As can be seen, that constricted view is the northwest corner of the intersection of 2nd on E streets.
2. Circa '66, '71 Views & Today

I speculate that this unusual narrowness arises from Mr. Brinley’s financial interest in that corner. He owned the property we see and was about to execute a major redevelopment of the corner property and the one next to it to the north.  

Enlargement and enhancement of the sign in graphic 1 featuring the words “CINEMA2” show the top line text to read “COMING IN 1967.”

The home we see at that corner is, in history jargon, referred to as the “Grieve Home” and it was an important part of Davis history. Graphic 4 is a Special Collections post card picture of it dated 1911.

Graphic 5 reproduces a Davis Enterprise photo showing the home’s demolition.

I think Graphic 5 is of special interest for the vast change in attitudes it reveals about land use change in Davis. This Enterprise report (and dozens of others in the ‘50s-‘70s) take demolition as an “of course” or even cheerful event that signals imminent town improvement.

And as is well known, that view changed considerably and toward the negative not many years later.

Graphic 6, showing the house to the north of the Grieve Home, at 213 E, being moved, conveys that same ‘50s-‘70s exuberant view of “creative destruction.”