Tuesday, July 15, 2014

6th of 12 Transforming Davis Color Photos: Northwest Corner 2nd & E Circa ‘71 (161)

This is the sixth of twelve posts reporting recently discovered color photos of major Davis business locations taken in the “transforming” period of Davis history. The context of the photos is explained in DHT post number 155, “Twelve Color Photos of ‘50s-‘70s Transforming Davis: Series Introduction.”
1. 2nd & E Looking Northwest Circa 1971
Mr. Brinley’s second snapshot in this 2nd & E pair once more displays the “new” and even transformed Davis, which is still very much the one we know today both at this corner and in other of his six pairs of snapshots.

In this snapshot, we see the building that has long been the home of de Luna Jewelers (graphic 1) and, at the time, the forefront Cinema 2.
2. Circa '66, '71 & Today

We can date this photo to a degree from the fact that the theater marquee is announcing the films Summer of 42 and Diary of a Mad Housewife (graphic 3). The former was in theaters in 1971 and the latter in 1970.

Circa 1981, when Davis was in full Progressive Davis bloom, the town was attractive to people such as actress Jane Fonda, who came to Davis to introduce a special advance showing of the film On Golden Pond

Introduced at the Cinema 2 by then Mayor Ann Evens, Fonda described her relation to the film, observing that it was likely the last motion picture her father would make (which it was).

Ironically, old-school developer John W. Brinley was thus among those constructing the venues in which the new Progressive Davis could be well displayed.