Sunday, July 20, 2014

8th of 12 Transforming Davis Color Photos: 3rd Street 600s Circa ‘70 (163)

Eighth of twelve posts reporting recently discovered color photos of major Davis business locations taken in the “transforming” period of Davis history. The context of the photos is explained in DHT post number 155, “Twelve Color Photos of ‘50s-‘70s Transforming Davis: Series Introduction.”
1. 3rd Street 600s Circa '70
The second snapshot in this fourth pair is jarringly clear in its display of how the irregular profiles of wooden residential structures seen in the previous shot have been replaced by starkly horizontal masonry forms.

There is a special wider context on the development of 3rd Street that needs also to be mentioned in connection with this Brinley snapshot pair.
2. Circa '60. Circa '70, 2014

Early-on in this ’50-‘70s transforming period, the idea of a “Third Street Parade” was introduced into planning discussions and taken up as a serious possibility.

The notion of car-limited or banned streets favoring bikes and pedestrians was in planning vogue at the time (e.g. “the K Street Mall”) and a "Parade" was to be the Davis version of one.

While the idea garnered serious support, all the pieces that would have made it happen never quite came together and the plan faded away.

(For those interested, I excerpt accounts of the scheme provided by Ted Buehler in his bike history of Davis--graphic 4-- and in a 2011 “streetscape master plan” done for the City of Davis--graphic 5.)