Sunday, August 17, 2014

Davis’ Longest-Serving Mayor Served in 17 Different Years and the Second-Longest Served in 13 Different Years (172)

The Davis Enterprise of August 13 prints a story containing the claim that Mayor Joe
Krovoza “is the second longest-serving mayor of Davis, at 3 1/2 years. Only Norman Woodbury, mayor from 1960-1964, served longer."

1. If one reads the term “longest-serving” to mean total years served as Mayor, these statements seemed to me at odds with the facts.

Puzzled, I consulted the City’s timeline of Davis city council members and counted that of the 31 people who have completed regular terms as mayors, six of them (19%) served in five or more different years.*

In addition, three people--including Woodbury and Krovozo--served in four different years--as did Maynard Skinner (10% of the 31 mayors).  

Therefore, and as summarized in the table, a quarter or so of the 31 mayors, in fact, served at least three and one-half years.

2. Of course, the term “longest-serving” might also be taken to mean serving a period of time without a break.  

But that meaning of “long-standing” is also not true, it appears.

This is because the first two regular mayors served in 13 and 17 continuous years, according to the City’s website table. A. G. Anderson served without a break from 1918 into the year 1930--which is in 13 different years. C. A. Covell served without interruption from the year 1931 into 1947, which is in 17 different years.

So Norm and Joe have their work cut out for them if they want to vie for the longest-serving record set by good old Cal Covell.


*  The City’s timeline website is here:

This timeline is itself a marvel of graphic giantism. I reproduce a small version of it below for those who savor innovative graphic displays. (Due the limits of my tabloid-size scanner, the right and bottom edges could not be reproduced.)

Technical note: I counted “M” codes in the table in determining number of years in which a person was mayor. I excluded the 1917 election, which was not a “regular” election, and the results of the 2014 election because we do not yet know the number of years in which the current mayor will serve as mayor.

Mayors serving in five different years are Rosenberg and Wolk. Hickey and Ruth Asmundson served in six different years.