Monday, December 29, 2014

Bikes ’67 #2, February: Council Adopts Specific Bike Lane Plan (208)

It is sometimes difficult to select “a” date as “the” time at which a practice or policy began.
February 13-1 (continues to p. 3)

This is because some practices in fact go through several “critical junctures” each of which is arguably “the” “real” start.

Such is the problem with the beginning of Davis bike lanes. Arguably, bike lanes in Davis “really” began in 1966 when the Council adopted a resolution directing staff to draw up a plan for bike lanes and allocating money for that task.

But, the events reported in this post about the Council’s action on Monday, February 13, 1967 form another arguable “actual” start of bike lanes in Davis. As can be read in the two DE stories, a specific plan of action “on the ground” was authorized.

Even so, nothing actually “on the ground” had yet happened. Moreover, it was not yet clear that the City of Davis has the legal right to install bike lanes on its streets.

So, I am prepared to say that the process of having bike lanes has started, but they have not yet actually begun.

Regarding the question of where bike lanes were first installed, I notice the plan reported here in February does not include 3rd Street from F to B streets, a section often mentioned as a possible location to install an official commemoration of bike lane beginning. Perhaps the plan changed later, but as of February, 3rd and B would be an historically inaccurate commemoration location.

February 13-2

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February 14-2