Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bikes ’67 #4, May-June-July: City Moves Toward Implementation (210)

May 23

Apparently assuming state-enabling legistation would be approved, staff was moving ahead with bike lane implementation.

The DE May 23 photo shows Council members McChesney and Skinner exhibiting the newly created “Davis Bikeway” sign.

We see in the Daily Democrat of June 12 that the actual legal ordinance was not adopted by the City until this day, marking yet another point at which bike lanes might be said to have “really” begun.

The list of bike lane routes in these reports has changed some, but still does not include a 3rd Street between B and C streets segment.

The caption to the July 7 DE photo suggests that actual authority from the state to install official bike lanes has not been received as of that date. Indeed, the caption text suggests that such authority will commence “shortly after July 13.”

Daily Democrat, June 12

July 7