Friday, January 2, 2015

Bikes ’67 #5, July-August: Ordinance Adopted, Bike Lanes Start With Little Notice (211)

Although state-enabling legislation was still not in place, this seemed not to hold up the City
in proceeding with bike lanes.

And the process was becoming ever more “official,” now in the form of new City ordinance sections regarding bike lanes and the behavior of bike riders (shown in the July 25th story).
July 25
It is especially amusing to read the ordinances sections. This is prose from which I suppose we can date Davis bike rider massive disregard for bike law!

When Exactly Did Bike Lanes Start?

The caption to the photo dated July 26-2 refers to “traffic on the new bike path on West Eighth near Pine Lane . . .”

This is the earliest reference to bike lane actual use I have seen. It suggests that the system or at least part of it became operational in mid- to later July.

The August meeting of the Clamor Club seemed an uncharacteristically quiet affair. Of note, the Chief of Police reported the lanes as operating and asked opinions, but there was little response. 

July 26-1

July 26-2

July 27
August 8-1

August 8-2