Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bikes '67 #7, September-October: Road Reconstructions & UCD Students Swarms (213)

September 14
By happenstance, a number of the most important streets of Davis were being upgraded or reconfigured at the same time as the introduction of bike paths. As stories reported earlier indicate, this caused problems with marking lanes on streets and required postponements of markings in some places.

The September 14th photo reproduced here shows the then underway transformation of Russell Blvd from a two lane country road into a divided four-lane highway. Bike lanes were not opened until that work was completed.

And there was the return of thousands of UCD students, who seemed at that time actually to ride bikes in quite significant numbers. As well, many of them bought licenses to make them legal (September 25 and October 4 photos).

We also read that the Chamber of Commerce published a brochure with a map of the bike lanes. Like the City issued brochure, no copies of this document are known to have survived.

September 25

October 2

October 4-1

October 4-2