Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bikes ’67 #8, October-November: Campus Closed To Cars & Bike Life Rolls On (214)

October 31
It is hard to know how much difference it made, but closing the central campus to car travel in the fall of 1967 seems likely to have prompted at least some increase in resident rates of bike travel and therefore bike lane use.

At any rate, it is certainly an interesting coincidence that campus officials would select the moment Davis starts bike lanes to change it’s campus traffic organization in a way that fostered much greater bike use (November 7 photo, after the jump, below).

Several other stories in this series document a number of the many other actions taken by UCD to both encourage and accommodate bike use. 

Let me suggest that the ordinary “bike narrative” that Davis tells itself might give UCD officials much more credit than it usually does for the rise of the bike as a key feature of Davis life.

 November 7

November 10

November 27