Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Helpful “Capsule” on UCD’s Historic Art Department (218)

The Tuesday, January 27 issue of the San Francisco Chronicle prints a story on fund-raising for the new UCD Shrem Museum of Art that contains a capsule summary of UCD’s historic art era that I thought might be of interest at this time.

The “at this time” is of course the City Update Survey of Historic Resources that includes the possibility of making the house at 1303 Alice Street a City Designated Historical Resource. The capsule provides a concise broad sweep depiction of the context endowing that house with historic importance.

It is written by the Shrem director, Rachel Teagle, and appears in the top portion of excerpt 3 in this post (where it is enclosed in a red box).*




For further reference, I have also compiled my three-part series on the Alice House into a single PDF that can be read or downloaded by clicking on the box titled “1303 Alice Street, the Robert Arneson Home, 1962-76” to right on this page.

* A version of the Chronicle story containing several more photographs can be read online at: