Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Old East Davis Residents Conduct Exemplary Protest Against Blindsiding Developer (230)

Recently, the Davis Enterprise reported that a group of Davis investors had just submitted a plan to the City for building an almost six-story building next to the railroad tracks at the 3rd Street crossing.

According to Old East Davis residents speaking in the Public Comments segment of the June 16, 2015 City Council meeting, this news report was the first time that virtually anyone in that neighborhood had heard of this plan.  Aside from issues of the height and other aspects of the buildings itself, residents felt “blindsided” by the seeming stealth character of the process.

Fifteen Old East Davis residents spoke. Holding the substantive aspects aside, I was impressed with the civility, cogency, intelligence and sheer civic vigor of all the speakers.

I think they showed us what citizenship can be at its best and we should look to such people as exemplars of the kind of civic life we should strive to carry on in Davis.

I also thought they carried the day on the substance, but that is a matter for other times and places.

Anyone interested in seeing civil and intelligent democracy in action (as well as in issues of redevelopment in historic areas) can view the 15 commenters and their comments on YouTube here: