Monday, September 7, 2015

Edwin McBride’s “LIttle Black Book” of Homes Built 1911-38 (236)

Serious students of Davis history keep needing to consult a list of homes built in Davis 1911-38 created by one Edwin McBride. Despite its key place in such historical studies, it has apparently never been published.

So, I am going to remedy that neglect in this post. That act in turn requires explaining the list---“the little black book.” To that end I include here an adaptation of the text on this matter I published in my Davis: Radical Changes . . . (2004, pp. 102-03.).

In addition, I reproduce a graph I made of the number of houses built each year based on the list. It is also page 14 in my booklet Tiny Davis; Small Size and Slow Growth from Founding to WWII, which is here:

I should perhaps also mention that this is a reproduction of my personal copy* on which I have made notes. I have used it rather than a “clean” copy from the Hattie Weber archives because I hope these markings and jottings might be of interest to fellow students of Davis history and encourage them to more work in solving some the many mysteries posed by the list.

McBride  Pp. 1-2

Mc Bride Pp. 3-4

McBride, Pp. 5-6

McBridge, Pp. 7-8

* The word "Lofland"  in the upper right-hand corner of page 1 of the McBride transcript was hand-written by Phyllis Haig. In the late 1990s, the Museum did not have a photocopy machine and she personally performed photocopying at a Davis photocopy shop. Placing the name of the person who was to receive the copy in the upper right corner of the first page helped her keep track of multiple jobs she was performing in photocopying trips.