Thursday, October 15, 2015

Only in Davis, From Historic Potholes to Historic Shacks: The Imperious Treatment of Two Homeowners In the Recent Historic Preservation Survey (243)

In the previous post, I described the current curious situation in which City of Davis decisions in classifying homes as historic “contributors” (or not) are not reviewable by neutral third parties in the way we are accustomed to government decisions being appealable. Instead, one can only appeal to the people who denied one’s appeal. It is of course no surprise when these same people turn down one’s appeal.

This is not a theoretical exercise. Such a case is being played out here in Davis at this time. Here are specifics that I can relate within the constraints of somewhat protecting the homeowners who are being subjected to this injustice.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

State Office of Historic Preservation Says Historic Preservation Survey Classifications Are Not Reviewed for Accuracy (242)

The recently conducted “update” of the survey of historical resources in Davis classifies hundreds if not thousands of Davis buildings on the degree to which they are “historic.” The two prime categories of these classifications are “designated historical resource” (or not) or “contributor” to a possible historic area (or not).

If your house is coded an instance of either of these categories, you are likely subject to restrictions or limitations when you want to sell your home or to change its appearance.

Such restrictions and limits have long been recognized with regard to the category of Designated Historical Resource, of which Davis has 39 at this time (Davis History Today, post 229, September 28).

What is now more fully coming to light is that the previously unnoticed category of “contributor’ can engender similar restrictions.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Neglected Moment in the Davis Bike Saga: November 1, 1965 (241)

Davis history enthusiast Hiram Jackson has sent me a copy of an op-ed letter by Frank C.
Davis Enterprise, November 1, 1965 (continues)
Child appearing on the front page of the Davis Enterprise on November 1, 1965.

Hiram rightly remarks that this document appears to be a neglected moment in the history of the advent of bike lanes in Davis.

The standard history of bike lanes features mention of the reluctance of officials to support lanes and their slowness in finally doing so.

But this letter suggests that the standard history may even underplay just how foot-dragging officials appear to have been.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Julie Partansky Papers in UCD Special Collections (240)

Researching a Davis history topic, I wondered if the UCD Partansky Papers collection might
contain information on it. So, I looked at the list of the collection’s contents, which is in 23 boxes, and requested a half dozen of them for inspection in the Special Collections reading room.

But, while looking for information on my topic, I got interested in the collection per se.

I was so struck by it--or at least by the six boxes I examined--that I decided to share what caught my attention with readers of this blog. 

One, she was something of a packrat regarding her political activities. I cannot say she saved every note or card or letter any political figure sent her, but she certainly saved a great many of them. So, still living and active political folks who ever sent her anything written might be interested to learn that their missive or missives are likely in this collection.