Monday, November 30, 2015

Looking West Over Far West Davis c. 1980 (246)

In reviewing portions of the Al Smith Collection recently, I came onto an eight by ten inch color photograph that looks west over far west Davis in about 1980.*  

I was struck by it and I thought Davis history buffs might like to see it. The Westwood subdivision is in the foreground. Village Homes is in the mid-distance. Smith’s Stonegate is beyond it.

The image provides reasonable detail on the Village Homes and Stonegate subdivisions and I have thought it worthwhile to enlarge and reproduce the sections containing those two areas.  After the jump, there are three enlargement images showing Village Homes and four showing Stonegate.

Stonegate 1: South

Stonegate 2: Middle-South

Stonegate 3: Middle-North

Stonegage 4: North

Village Homes 1: South

Village Homes 2: Middle

Village Homes 3: North
*Alfred F. Smith Collection (D-484), Special Collections, UC Davis, Box 16, Folder 3, eight by ten inch color photo with no identifying marks.  Many thanks to Special Collections Assistant Jenny Hodge for her excellent scan of this image.

For more information on the Smith Collection see: