Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Softening the Great Depression: Touting Civic Organizations and Other Woodland Democrat 1930s Feel-good Stories (251)

In the same January 28, 1932 issue of the Woodland Democrat as the story on Davis crime previously posted (#250), Hiram Jackson also discovered an approving account of civic organizations in Davis.

It is a valuable depiction of such entities in Davis at that time.

We do not know what prompted the Democrat to assign reporters to work up this and other “feel-good” stories on Davis in this period.  (DHT posts 249, 250, and 251 are among a larger number of such stories.)

But, if I had to guess, I would call attention to the 1929 crash of the American economy and the possible efforts of the Yolo County privileged to respond with a campaign of “many things are still just fine” stories.

This effort to blunt--or even to deny--economic collapse appears also to have been embraced by the Davis Enterprise and others in Davis itself (discussed in Davis: Radical Changes, Deep Constants, pp. 109-110).