Friday, June 16, 2017

The Iconic Brinley Building Over a Half-Century (265)

Nighttime 1965

On reason I collect DHS and UCD yearbooks is the startling and enlightening historical photos I sometimes happen onto in them. I was recently fortunate to have yet another such positive experience when an old friend emailed me that she had acquired a 1965 DHS yearbook that, if I did not already own it, I could buy from her for the $10 she paid at a garage sale. I did not own it and I was delighted to pay $10 in order to hunt for a remarkable new photo (among other topics I peruse in these volumes).  

I was not disappointed. Spanning pages 146 and 147 and measuring 13 inches wide by eight inches tall, we are given the glorious view of the Brinley Building ablaze at night seen here and labeled Nighttime 1965. (It is of course best viewed on a large screen desktop computer and after you have clicked on it in order to zoom it up to full-screen.)

This 1965 view immediately (to me) raised the question of “what does it look like now?” So, I went over there after dark and tried to make the “now” companion photo shown and called Nighttime 2017.  Lighting the second floor has long-since stopped and the upper level screens have themselves been painted a dark color.

Nighttime 2017
One thing leads to another and so I then asked: What did it look like in the daytime about 1965 as opposed to now -- more than half a century later?

I have shots of the building made in 1964, 1965, 2011,* and a photo I made a few days ago, here labeled Daytime 2017. One characterization of this some half a century of change might stress the general softening, seen especially in the growth of trees and the use of darker colors.

Daytime 1964

Daytime 1965

Daytime 2011

Daytime 2017
* Four of the photos are from a 2011 Hattie Weber Museum of Davis exhibit titled “The 2nd Street 600s Over 15 Decades” that is archived on the web at: