Sunday, August 20, 2017

The First Core Area Plan’s Smooth Journey From Conception to Policy: Part I, January-June 1961 (270)

1. January 5
In reading the 1961 Davis Enterprise recently, I was struck by how matter-of-factly and amiably Davis civic leaders commissioned a planning firm to work up a radical scheme to redevelop a newly invented “core area,” walked that plan through a complex series of public hearings, and anticlimactically adopted it into the Master Plan of the City of Davis by a unanimous City Council vote. Not least of the amazing aspects, virtually all of this happened in the single calendar year of 1961.

The purpose of this two-part post is to depict the tenor or emotional tone of how this process worked, at least to the degree one can understand it from Davis Enterprise reports on it. Put differently, I try here to capture the attitudinal atmosphere of that year.

I am struck, for example, with such aspects as the degree to which civic leaders appear to have agreed on the need for rather radical ideas about a new “core area” and were willing to work together rather than endlessly to bicker.

The 1961 Enterprise coverage of the core area story is rich and exceeds the conventions of length for a single Google blog post. The material does, though, fit reasonably well into two posts. The first six months of 1961 are presented in this post and the second six months in the next post  (#271).

I believe the reports are pretty much self-explanatory and I provide little interpretive comment.

2. January 12

3. Citizen participant list published in the Davis Core Area Plan document

4. January 19

5. February 2

6. April 6

7. April 20-1. Front page wide Enterprise headline.

8. April 20-2. Story beneath the above headline

9. May 11

10. May 18-1. Monday, May 15, John Blayney presents a "new look" to the City Council. 
 The above and next four images are about this key meeting that sets the idea of a visionary "core area" into motion.
11. May 18-2

12. May 18-3

13. May 18-4

14. May 18-5

15. May 18-6
The cat is now out of the bag, so to speak. What will happen next? We find out in the next post, number 271.