Saturday, July 7, 2018

79 Volumes of the Davis Enterprise Free to Caring Recipient (278)

 In January, 2001, I became the owner of 79 bound volumes of the Davis Enterprise covering the years 1966-83. 
Viewed as a single object -- a collection -- it is some 20 inches tall, consumes more than 20 feet of shelf space and weighs upwards of a thousand pounds. Stacked on their sides in piles, the volumes are several feet tall and fill the bed of a small pickup truck.
A sense of the collection’s scale and heft can be inferred from the accompanying three snapshots.
For many years, the collection has been installed on shelves in a storage building at my home and it was an invaluable resource in my Davis history research. But, time has passed and I no longer use it or have any plans to do so.
Davis Enterprise editor Debbie Davis gave me the collection and I am now offering it gratis to someone willing to receive and to care for it. 
If you are interested, email me at
For more information on the collection, see this 2014 Davis History Today article:


3. The four volumes of the year 1978 stand more than 20" tall and 18" wide.